As the home of VSA Arts- Loudoun County, the Arts Center is proud to feature many amenities that exceed the ADA standards.

Handicapped Parking

There are 4 handicapped parking spaces available-2 in the upper parking lot and 2 at the entrance level of the Arts Center. We provide shuttle service from the parking area to the Arts Center upon request. Drop-off access is available.

Designated Seating in the Auditorium

There are 5 seating spaces that will accept a wheelchair or scooter. Four of these spaces also have adjacent companion seating.

Stage Level Access

Ramps have been installed to transition different levels on the stage, and there is a special elevator to allow wheelchairs to have access between the upper audience level and the stage.


Arts Center Staff and ushers are available to provide additional assistance as requested.

Loudoun County Parks Recreation and Community Services is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities act (ADA). If you need reasonable accommodations, please contact the Arts Center office 10 days prior to the start of the activity.

Phone: 540-338-7973
Online at Email